Reliable Site2Site SSL VPNs

Secure, resilient, responsive, are just a few adjectives used to describe our site-to-site solutions. Optimize performance while obtaining 99.999% uptime for remote and branch office users with our secure (3DES encryption) and fully meshed site-to-site tunnel technology.

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Office-to-Office Connectivity

A new and unique WAN Optimization method, our Site2Site technology improves application responsiveness between remote sites and adds a level of redundancy that surpasses all other VPN and WAN Optimization solutions.

Optimized Performance

When multiple Site2Site tunnels are configured traffic between sites can be optimized through a method called offloading. This is a process where applications are specifically directed over various links in order to improve overall performance. An example would be where Citrix traffic was directed over one tunnel and FTP traffic was directed over another.

Automated VPN Failover / Failback

Unlike most other VPN solutions our Site2Site tunnels can be easily configured in such a way as to ensure full and automatic failover in the event of a link failure. These tunnels can also be configured as a failover for MPLS, Frame Relay or private T1 connections.

Lower Connectivity Costs

When evaluating remote access solutions a key component is cost. When compared to other solutions our Site2Site technology, used in conjunction with inexpensive broadband connections, provides the most cost effective option available today. In fact, many organizations have used our Site2Site technology to migrate from existing expensive point-to-point and frame connections to a less expensive dual broadband deployment while at the same time increasing their redundancy and network throughput.

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Tunnel Configurations

Tunnel Bonding - Session Balancing

When connecting two sites using two or more WAN links it is possible to establish multiple tunnels between each site (Note: We do not support bonding a public and private tunnel, i.e. one tunnel with encryption and one without). Once multiple tunnels are established each tunnel can be used to balance traffic (Note: Our method of tunnel bonding provides session balancing) between the sites across each tunnel, furthermore each tunnel can be used for offloading specific types of traffic in order to optimize the overall capacity of each tunnel.

WAN Aggregation

Tunnel Failover

Whether between two or more Internet or private line (or MPLS) connections the EdgeXOS platform can automatically and without any routing protocols failover all remote site connections within seconds of a network outage. This ensures that remote users stay connected and that productivity losses from a network outage are significantly minimized.

WAN Aggregation

Fully Meshed Resiliency

With multiple applied patents the EdgeXOS platform is able to provide a fully meshed VPN infrastructure which can guarantee that even in the event of two simultaneous network outages the remote office connection will remain up and active. This level of cost effective redundancy and resiliency is unique to our Site2Site technology.

WAN Aggregation

WAN Aggregation

Flexible Tunnel Deployments

Our Site2Site tunnels can work in either a single-multi or multi-multi mode. This means that we can achieve increased performance even if only a single site has multiple WAN connections. In either instance through the use of multiple paths and application routing the EdgeXOS platform is able to optimize application responsiveness and improve overall tunnel resiliency back to the main office.

WAN Aggregation

Without The EdgeXOS Platform

Network outages lead to complete shutdown of remote offices. Sales transactions and CRM systems become completely cut off. As branch offices grow and/or new applications are deployed responsiveness slows. Users get choppy performance and must wait for screens to load.

Problems With WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization products can solve some application issues, such as decreasing the time required for downloading large files and accessing reoccurring data, however they are lacking in the ability to effectively speed up most CRM sessions which use small files and non-reoccurring data structures. Due to these limitations and their inability to provide any type of long-term network redundancy, these products typically have a longer ROI with less benefits when compared to our Site2Site solutions.

Single Link Liabilities

The two most common scenarios are the single VPN connection with no redundancy at either end, and a VPN connection where BGP is deployed at one end of the connection (typically the HQ site). The reliability issue is obvious with the first solution, however the question of cost must be added to the equation of the second. BGP provides zero effective load balancing or data compression yet costs more than a simple broadband connection. Why pay for such services when they are clearly ineffectual and costly?

Expensive MPLS Links Don't Provide A Full Solution

MPLS provides a high degree of application control across the entire network, however what about reliability? By adding a simple broadband connection to either end of an existing MPLS network our customers are able to achieve automated redundancy for their critical applications traversing the MPLS network in the event of an MPLS network outage.