XRoads' News

2015-01-28: XRoads Networks confirms XOS not susceptible to Ghost

2014-11-02: XRoads Networks announces URL-Based Routing Update

2014-10-17: XRoads Networks releases latest 4.5 firmware

2014-09-24: XRoads Networks launches international XOSv software platform

2014-09-10: ZeroOutages delivers comprehensive reliability services

2014-08-23: XRoads Networks introduces new OEM products for MSPs

2014-07-18: XRoads Networks delivers BIG ACCELERATION

2014-07-05: XRoads Networks announces BGP acceleration technology

2014-07-01: XRoads Networks granted latest patent on multi-session acceleration

2014-04-11: EdgeXOS platform is not susceptible to the HeartBleed Internet bug

2014-01-15: XRNS Web Acceleration for hospitality provider Jonathan Club

2013-12-30: XRNS UBM-G Series Demos Network Redundancy & Reliability

2013-11-22: XRNS Partners with Telarus and MegaPath to Deliver ZeroOutages

2013-10-02: XRNS Releases WEBaXcel The First Bandwidth Management Firewall

2013-09-25: XRNS Releases ApeXfilter Threat Protection & Content Filtering

2013-07-31: NOTICE: XRoads Networks is expanding, shipping notice August 12-23

2013-07-15: XRNS Releases Next Generation Acceleration & Link Bonding

Network Optimization Solutions

XRoads' specializes in wide-area network optimization via our patented session acceleration, bandwidth management, caching and Rock Solid Redundancy™. How can we help you?


Why XRoads Networks?

XRoads Networks is the inventor of Unified Bandwidth Management™ solutions.


Customer Testimonials

Deploy As A Bandwidth Manager - Organizations which are looking to improve their Internet connectivity speed and responsiveness or eliminate "bandwidth hogs", this EdgeXOS platform incorporates unique dynamic bandwidth management (traffic shaping) and MSA bandwidth bonding (ISP link bonding) which ensures fast and reliable connectivity. Deploy As A Network Load Balancer - The link & server load balancer incorporates non-BGP based Internet multihoming which delivers both WAN balancing and bandwidth bonding along with server load balancing and automatic network failover. Use multiple WAN links to increase Internet speeds and network responsiveness to ensure business continuity for critical cloud-based applications. Deploy As A VPN Virtualization Appliance - Many organizations with multiple locations are looking to improve throughput and reliability between these locations. With new broadband service adding bandwidth and reliability can be accomplished in a single implementation. The EdgeXOS platform can connect two or more offices using two or more VPN tunnels to establish a bonded link between the offices across each of the available ISP links. This design provides for significantly faster connectivity with built-in reliability utilizing inexpensive broadband service.