The wireless access point dashboard enables network administrators to see exactly how their wifi services are being utilized. Administrators can control each WAP individually and pair said devices with the UBM-XG to provide additional layers of security for guest and internal users which are connected wirelessly.

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WiFi Threats

Quickly identify inappropriate user behavior within the wireless network, drop bad actors and shape bandwidth to control network utilization. Get a better understanding of the health of the wireless network and how well the signal is reaching those areas deamed mission critical.

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Usage Details

Sophos wireless solutions provide granular wireless planning capabilities, XRoads Networks engineering team can assist in developing complex and extensive wireless deployments. Whether you are looking to deploy a small office solution or a large campus environment, let us help with a smooth deployment.

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Why XRoads Networks Wireless Solution?

Wireless Connectivity is what XRoads Networks delivers in conjunction with Sophos Wireless Access Points. XRoads Networks takes the best that Sophos has to offer along with our own design and pre-configuration services. Fully inclusive services, no additional licensing required for network management and monitoring. XRoads Networks provides network design, pre-configuration, and installation assistance AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Please contact XRoads Networks sales engineering for more information.