The UBM-XG firewall solutions allow network administrators to quickly identify what applications and which users are utilizing network bandwidth. The UBM-XG will also immediately identify potential security issues and warn the network administrator in the event of an emergency.

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AI-Based Threat Protection

The UBM-XG firewall incorporates BUILT-IN advanced threat protection services, no add-on licensing or additional services are required. The UBM-XG incorporates network security, web security and enahcned security operations support, provided by XRoads Networks engineering.

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Network Lockdown

The UBM-XG can automatically lockdown end-users and/or servers in the event of a network intrusion. Prevent unauthorized applications, ransomware, or malware from taking over your network with XRoads Networks UBM-XG security solutions.

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Why an XRoads Networks UBM-XG Firewall?

Secure Internet Connectivity is what XRoads Networks delivers in its UBM-XG Firewall appliances. XRoads Networks takes the best that Sophos has to offer along with our own custom build network appliances and 24/7 SOC (security operations center) monitoring. Fully inclusive services, no additional licensing required for network protection and web protection. XRoads Networks provides network design, pre-configuration, and installation assistance AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Please contact XRoads Networks sales engineering for more information.