Site2Site SD-WAN Platforms

Specialized Site-to-Site Networking Solutions

XRoads Networks' advanced SD-WAN solutions are specifically designed to enable complex site-to-site network configurations. XRoads Networks Site2Site technology enables customers to connect anywhere from 2 to 2000 sites together using a fully meshed configuration for increased network throughput and automated redundancy. The Site2Site platform can be deployed for MPLS replacement, MPLS augmentation, broadband and MPLS combined, multiple boradband, and hybrid site-to-site deployments with OSPF integration.

The Site2Site products can be scaled up to 10Gbps of throughput performance. When considering a comprehensive SD-WAN solution for site-to-site deployments, look to XRoads Networks and the Site2Site platform.

Easy Integration and Management
each S2S appliance includes built-in transparent mode installation and simple web-based configuration and reporting.

Efficient Use Of Secondary Links
Each S2S appliance not only ensures automated failover of network connectivity in the event of an ISP outage, but it also can utilize the backup connection for lower priority traffic, like accelerated web downloads and email connectivity, thus making efficient use of the backup link and speeding up end-user connectivity.

Best Path Routing w/SLA Reporting
Each S2S appliance includes XRoads' adaptive Best Path Routing™ technology which constantly monitors critical remote sites and provides real-time SLA metrics and can update routing tables based on the performance of each WAN link.

Network Reporting
A critical aspect of any traffic shaping appliance is its ability to provide real-time network reporting, as without reporting how does the network administrator know what policies to create. Each S2S appliance includes both caned and custom user-defined reports which are updated in real-time.

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