Intelligent WAN Management Appliances

Guaranteed BandwidthXRoads Networks was the first to develop a Unified Bandwidth Management solution. UBM is the combination of various intelligent WAN management capabilities in to a single platform. These capabilities include Vector Routing, Session Bonding, Advanced Network Caching, Dynamic Bandwidth Management and hybrid WAN Optimization in order to optimize application performance. XRoads Networks can reduce your organizations' costs by up to 50% and increase performance by up to 20x. Improve responsiveness and security for your business critical applications even during periods of high utilization with our "Guaranteed Bandwidth" solutions.

What Makes The EdgeXOS Unique?

The EdgeXOS line of appliances incorporate patented hybrid WAN and network optimization technology which improves the performance and reliability of your Internet and site-to-site connections.

Further, the EdgeXOS platforms incorporate session-based link aggregation and dynamic bandwidth management which guarantees bandwidth for a customers business critical applications. The core of the XRoads Operating System (XOS) enables our appliances to perform MultiWAN session bonding via our Accelibond™, session-throttling via our Adaptiband™, intelligent WAN routing via our Best Path Routing™ and intelligent site-to-site routing via our Site2Site™ technologies.

The EdgeXOS platforms work at the 'edge' of our customers networks, i.e. between the LAN and WAN interfaces. Thus they are designed to optimize and secure the network traffic passing through this typical network bottleneck.