Why XRoads Networks?

Patented Technology, U.S. Developed and Supported Products, and Unsurpassed Customer Service are a few of the reasons to select XRoads Networks for your Unified Bandwidth Management™ (UBM) and security needs. XRoads Networks is committed to delivering one of the fastest returns on investment in the industry.

XRoads Networks improves your organizations overall performance and productivity; we've done it for the customers below, we can do it for you.

Innovative & Patented Technology

XRoads Networks is continuously innovating to deliver new patented technologies like our multi-session acceleration link bonding functionality, along with our Dynamic Bandwidth Management, Best Path Routing, XFlow and Site2Site functionality. New features that leverage our core capabilities are released quarterly which provides our customer base with added value throughout the life of their appliances.

US-Based Customer Service & Support

XRoads Networks includes FREE installation support with the purchase of every EdgeXOS appliance. Our goal is to provide quality and effective one-call technical support which is why each new customer is assigned their own Project Manager for scheduling installation calls and to ensure that they get the help they need to make their deployment a success.

XRoads Networks has also partnered with some of the top IT integrators to assist customers purchase and install equipment around the world. With over 200 global partners around the world.

We Maximize ROI

Our products are designed to produce the most value possible to our customers. XRoads Networks strongly believes in delivering value and to us that means the fastest return on investment possible. Our case studies and customer surveys testify to that effect, our number one goal is to produce products that deliver the best ROI and therefore the best value to our customers.