Why XRoads Networks?

Unique Technology, U.S. Based Development and Support. So you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and you are looking for an SD-WAN solution for your customers, why choose XRoads Networks?

XRoads Networks' track record speaks for itself, delivering SD-WAN solutions for MSPs for over ten years. Our partners have delivered solutions for many Fortune 500 customers across multiple industries, and it is up to the partner to determine exactly how much or how little the end-customer knows about XRoads Networks underlining technology.

Flexible SD-WAN Solutions

XRoads Networks can brand our SD-WAN solutions for our MSP partners, the ZOOM portal can have the MSP's log and color scheme. Our MSP partners can even choose to brand the SD-WAN appliances themselves. Additionally, the MSP can determine how much support XRoads Networks provides, from no support at all, to only Level2 and Level3 support via our ZeroOutages service center. How much or how little XRoads Networks support is involved is completely up the partner.

Constant SD-WAN Innovation

XRoads Networks is continuously innovating to deliver new SD-WAN features to our MSP partners, including our latest ZO-IP service. ZO-IP provides a virtual IP address for customers to use when they have mutiple broadband links. This is provided without the need to backhaul all of the customers traffic back to a third-party data center, a significant advantage over cloud-based SD-wAN vendors.

US-Based Customer Service & Support

XRoads Networks provides FREE provisioning of each SD-WAN appliance, i.e. the MSP partner does not need to initially configure anything. When a new order is placed, XRoads Networks will obtain the configuration information from our partner and setup the SD-WAN appliance, the appliance is then shipped to the partner or direct to the customer, depending on the partners request.

XRoads Networks can also co-manage the devices with the MSP partner, or the partner can fully manage the solution on their own, it is completely up to the partner. At any time the MSP partner can request that our ZeroOutages support team assist with any aspect of the MSP's customer deployment.

We Maximize ROI

Our SD-WAN solutions for MSP's are designed to provide the best possible ROI for our partners. They are free to resell, markup, bundle, or direct sell the XRoads Networks SD-WAN solutions. Our partners commonly have ZeroOutages act as a backstop to their own support, and assist with initial deployments, however again, it is completely up to the MSP partner and how they wish to deploy.