Success Stories / Customer Testimonials

"Our main ISP went down for entire day last week and because we were running a second connection through XRoads our customers were still able to access critical business resources on our network. Your product worked great and saved us from being down."

Sedona Group
Chad Widener
IT Admin

"I really like working with you guys. I really appreciate the flexibility with your support department."

Brad Libby

"THE XROADS BOX WORKED FLAWLESSLY! Yesterday Data Impact had a failure of the port-1 T1 provider. We did not know about it until this AM and our customers did not know at all. The load balancing moved all traffic to the T1 in port-2. We have resolved the problem with our provider. When both T1's became operational, the XRoads box resumed load balancing without intervention. "

Richard Maure
IT Director
Data Impact

"As the nations leading fixed wireless service provider, NextWeb has found that more and more mid-sized businesses are requiring path diversity and network redundancy as part of their overall business continuity strategy. XRoads Networks and its Edge product line provide our customers with a simple and cost effective redundancy solution."

David Williams
Vice President Marketing & Business Development
NextWeb Inc.

"Businesses today are becoming ever reliant on the Internet. This reliance is pushing them to harden their Internet connectivity through secondary connections. XRoads Networks has developed a simple and cost effective solution for small to mid-sized businesses to deploy network redundancy and load balancing."

David Montierth
Vice President
Cox Business Services

"The product is the best appliance on the market in the hospitality vertical. It is forward thinking."

Leonard Vasquez
The BITS Group Inc

"The product does what it is supposed to do and we are very happy with our two devices. Certainly a very helpful staff and a great product make XRoads a great choice for our organization."

Chas Boyer
Director of Information Technology
Jonathan Club

"We showed your appliance to some Cisco guys we know and they were very impressed."

JW Associated
Jay Wong
IT Consultant

"Our customer is up and functioning as planned on the appliance and they are happy with the end result. Thanks for all of your help with this."

Robert Flynn
Systems Engineer

"We chose it because it was rich with features that we required yet affordable. In some cases its functionality and user interface exceeded that of more expensive competitors. Engineering appears to be a strength at XRoads."

Valco Companies
Mark Robinson

"Awesome! Such a useful device. It's capabilities have not gone unnoticed!"

Calbel Chuchill
Network Consultant

"I really appreciate your effort and want to thank you for standing behind your product."

Roy Grove

"Several features offered that I wasn't aware of... overall the product was even better than expected."

John Saccoccio
IT Admin
Lepizzera and Laprocina

"Really cool product. The attention to detail is great! Support was very informative and helpful."

Korey Earl
Sales Manager
Summit Alliance

"We have three EdgeXOS firewalls that have been very reliable and easy to manage. The security clients are also working very well, and have a great reporting tools. Most of all the Site2Site VPN client has been flawless for all our remote users. We will continue to use and purchase more in the future. Thank you such great customer service, they are always keeping in touch with me and assisting whenever I have questions."

American Mortgage Field Services
Bill Dora
Director of Information Technology

"The client has location in a variety of locations that have intermittent internet connectivity. As such, they are using the EdgeXOS equipment to facilitate connection of multiple ISPs to guard against unplanned downtime. Thereby ensuring their users always have internet connectivity to the head office where all of processing and data is stored."

PC Corp
Michael Ryan
Account Manager

"The client has a variety of locations that have intermittent internet connectivity. As such, they are using the EdgeXOS equipment to facilitate connection of multiple ISPs to guard against unplanned downtime. Thereby ensuring their users always have internet connectivity to the head office where all of processing and data is stored."

JW Associates
Jay Wong
Networking Consultant

"Our company uses the EdgeXOS appliance for several important features. Our internet connection at the company is served by several DSL and Cable ISP's. This device allows us to manage multiple ISP connections using one device serving a single office netwok. We use the web filering feature to help increase the efficiency of our employees who extensively use computers for accessing our browser based accounting software. The feature allows us to limit employees from surfing the internet and browsing unauthorized web pages or web services. We use the VirtualNAT feature to allow the broadcast of a video security system. The EdgeXOS appliance allows us to broadcast our static IP addresses across the internet and control access across the internet. The appliance also allows for numerous other features and network monitoring which we are just starting to explore."

Micropower Battery Company
Elliott Alexander
IT Administrator

"UK based eFlorist Ltd. has been using XRoads firewalls for 3 years and we have been very happy with the results. These appliances allowed us to cancel our leased line contracts and replace them with cheap ADSL broadband connections. This amounted to thousands of pounds saved annually yet we had a faster and as reliable internet connection. The appliances load balance the broadband connections and allow for near 100% uptime. The site to site VPN is excellent too and makes management of our remote office in Ireland seem like part of the LAN. All in all a great device at a great price that has saved us massive amounts since implementation."

Christopher Thompson
IT Manager

"We have three appliances. One main site with two sister sites. The main site has two primary WAN connections and one fail over connection. Both of the sister sites have two primary connections. We have Site2Site VPN tunnels over all of the connections so we can run services remotely over the WAN connections. Thanks for producing a great product!"

Adrian Tanhuay
Fabtech Inc
Network Administrator

"Take your best rating and go above that, it's that good."

Managing Director

"Holy ...that was excellent service. If you are ever in Owensboro and want a drink it is on me. To have ordered so late in the afternoon and to have already received the device, I'm going to upload my config and should be up and running in less than 24 hours. Thank you so very much."

Computer Repair
Shane Robers

"Thank You for all the assistance in getting this device configuredi the way we want it!!! I connected the device to network over our lunch hour that same day and its working perfectly."

Thanks again for all the assistance..

Zeke Nunez
Plano Molding Co.
IT Departmenta

"We are using the EdgeXOS appliance to aggregate two Internet connections and to distribute traffic efficiently and improve traffic flow and reduce bottlenecks brought about by the use of a single connection. If one of the connections fails, then the EdgeXOS will continue to utilize the second connection to ensure business continuity through its failover feature.

    EdgeXOS's Outbound Load Balancing is used to deliver us the following benefits:
  • Reduce Internet downtime.
  • Increase bandwidth capacity.
  • Implement flexible load balancing algorithms

EdgeXOS provides us a logical grouping of two Internet connections instead of a single connection to increase bandwidth capacity and availability. EdgeXOS optimizes the use of the available bandwidth by distributing Internet traffic down each Internet connection. With traffic being shared among each Internet connection at the same time and rate, there is less congestion and delays for the end user."

American University of Kuwait
Faeq Abu-Khair
IT Administrator

"Advanced Medical Reviews is a healthcare organization, uptime is critical as we connect physicians, patients and health plans. We use the EdgeXOS to connect two T3 lines for inbound and outbound traffic. It provides us with additional layer of data security. We evaluated several products and the EdgeXOS was easy to install, great ROI."

Advanced Medical Reviews
Sagiv Oren

"Having an engineer as a support tech has been great, and their late hours makes it so much easier for us to troubleshoot new settings and configurations. I've already recommended your product."

Paul Banda
IT Systems Manager
MIG, Inc.

"In working with the XRoads Networks hardware we have been very pleased. Their Technical Support is excellent, very responsive and knowledgeable. We have been a customer for about three years and they have answered every question we have had. I highly recommend their product and support team to any size company."

Mike Khodadakhshi
Network Manager
Brendan Vacations

"They provided all of the necessary components that we were looking for in a solution."

Edward Brown
General Manager
Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino

"You have great products and a great potential market for these devices."

Yilman Ozer
Whelans Int

"Some very nice features! Based on the feature set it was a perfect match for what we needed!"

Terry Tusher
Project Manager
Acuity Brands Lighting

"I want to thank support for their persistence in solving my specific issues."

Stephen Hall
Senior Network Engineer
District Computers

"I just wanted to thank everyone again for helping me get this unit online. At this time everything is up and running and I added the 512th customer."

Brian Bearce

"Everything is up and running and we're impressed with the device, support was very helpful with the setup and initial config. We ran into some difficulties but they went way beyond their normal work time to assist me for which I am very grateful."

Adrian Cumberbatch
Systems Analyst
Cidel Bank & Trust Inc.

"I am very happy now, my LAN quality improve 100% excellent. "

Franz Schuverer
IT Manager

"We tested the failover feature of the XRoads device this afternoon and everything worked according to plan. We also tweaked to load balancing feature on the device, to try and maximize our bandwidth from both our providers. I want to thank support for their expert knowledge of their product, which made our support experience VERY positive. I feel very confident that our XRoads device will perform very well."

Harry Deeley
IT Manager
Altronic Inc.

"Thank you as always for your excellent support! Bob"

Robert Clark
Network Administrator
Clark Data Systems

"I very much appreciate all of the time and energy to get our appliance working as we need it. I am glad to say that cable modem was that swap out and seems to have resolved the problem. I believe we will have smooth sailing with the appliance going forward, thanks agian for all of the assistance."

Andrew Greenfield

"Easy unit setup and login! Unit works great, I LOVE it!"

J. Clavell
Provident HP

"Support for the product has been fantastic. The support personnel were very pleasant and I think they have gone out of their way to way to get me up and running."

Steven Jeffries
Dataworks Consulting

"The technical support engineer that worked with me was very friendly and the installation went on without a hitch. Thanks!"

Paul Wirth
IT Administrator

"We are very happy with the two E2W appliances thus far. We have a complex architecture, but these babies appear to be everything we had hoped! "

Randy Leonard
Network Administrator

"We had been load balancing five 6.0 DSL lines for the last year. The XRoads load balancer was perfect for the transition from two to five DSL lines." IT Administrator
Citi Networking

"Based on our end-users feedback, the XRoads appliance has been a very successful purchase and we are very happy with it. Users saw the increase in Internet speed of at least 40% and the added benefit of the high availability is wonderful, thank you."

Sanchai Pattaranavic
Sale Director
Angus Technology

"As always, the level of service that we get from you is *OUTSTANDING* . Top notch tech support, thank you!"

Felix Liard
IT Administrator

"Everything is now working exactly as we wanted. Thanks again for all your help!"

Jario Rugel
Senior Technology Consultant

"I really appreciated all of the assistance we received from your support team. Thanks again."

Alex Pilson

"Our customer suffered a regional power outage, but thanks to the Edge appliances and our customers dual-WAN configuration and Site2Site tunnels their secondary connections stayed up and running while their competitors were left sitting in the dark. There is no better testimonial for your products then what happens in the real world."

Craig Lassen
Cadamire Corporation

"Excellent support! Whenever we need help with a configuration change, your team is there to provide same day assistance, that's really appreciated."

Greg Badger
Bonzai Pipeline

"We feel that XRoads Networks has enabled us to gain a competitive advantage through superior and cost effective technology and support. I highly recommend the use of the XRoads Edge router technology for businesses looking to do more with less."

Michael Mastroianni
Fluent Energy

"XRoads Networks and its Edge product line enabled Color Broadband Inc. to offer a high availability solution at the right price for our customers. Their built-in support features are simple to use and allow Color Broadband Inc. to easily manage the units remotely. The Edge units are a quality product with a solid support system."

Sean H. LeMons
President & CTO
Color Broadband

"The Sedona Group corporate IT department researched T1 redundancy devices for over a year. We decided on the XRoads Edge MB-4 for its ease of installation, very low ROI and quick response from technical support. The Edge MB-4 gives us the Internet redundancy we need with the ability to add a third T1 in the future."

Martin Hauser
Systems Administrator
The Sedona Group

"XRoads Networks' EdgePRO-1500 router is the insurance that lets us give customers assurance we'll always be online when they need access to their information. In the event of communications faults, we now have intra- and inter-facility failover switching that keeps us up and running. We got 100% of what we needed for a fraction of the price of competing products."

Bill Plant-Mason
Data Impact

"I am very impressed with the XRoads Networks products. Their products were able to handle all our requirements of load balancing and fault tolerance without the use of BGP, priority of service, firewall, VPN, and specialized routing of traffic. All the robust features of a complex network on a single device at a fraction of the cost of their competition. They were able to expedite delivery and assist in installation and configuration during a critical time of moving and opening a new office location. We were very happy with their professional customer support. We have thousands of transactions flow through our networks every day, and traders that need access to services out on the internet where we can't afford to have very much down time. Thank you XRoads Networks for helping us implement a better network."

Eric Rinn
Spark Energy

"Edgepro is cost effective , high quality, user friendly software, works seemless in our tsunami environment for few months. I would recommend strongly this software to anyone."

Vice President
Jet Broadband Internet

"As an e-commerce company with all sales being generated online, we need to guarantee 100% availability. XRoads Networks supplied us with a network load-balancing solution that was both affordable and easy to manage. Gone were the ideas of implementing BGP or spending too much on another solution. Since integrating their Edge Server, we have seen dramatic decreases in load times now that we can balance incoming/outgoing requests across multiple ISPs. Plus we never have to worry about being down with the built in failover functionality. This product was definitely the best upgrade we've ever made to our network. "

Josh Kellner
IT Director

"I am very happy with the Edge2WAN product because it is very easy to configure and it has a lot of built-in features like the firewall. We purchased the Edge2WAN because it provides failover protection for our web servers, while providing bandwidth load balancing. "

Oscar Contreras
Network Administrator
LA Financial Credit Union