Internet Bandwidth Bonding

XRoads Networks is the inventor of Multi-Session Acceleration Bandwidth Bonding or Accelibond™. MSA is the ability to bond multiple ISP connections and cache response content in order to accelerate web-based connectivity. This ability to bond connectivity across multiple WAN links and remote servers and then cache responses is unique in the industry.

Improving Application Performance

MSA is an application proxy which has built-in caching capabilities in order to increase network performance. These capabilities increase download speeds for commonly accessed websites or large data files. MSAs caching is built-in to the EdgeXOS platform (with larger systems having more caching memory). Optionally, customers can select solid state caching. What is unique about MSA is its ability to speed up first time access to files through link bonding.

Increasing Available Bandwidth

MSA actually increases network download speeds for first time access to files by utilizing multiple ISP connections and remote servers at the same time. Unlike most other "link balancing" solutions which can only utilize one ISP link at a time for each session, the EdgeXOS platform can actually utilize multiple links at the same time for the same session. This effectively makes a 3Mbps and 5Mbps link in to an 8Mbps link.

The diagram above demonstrates how the combined features of the MSA module can accelerate network downloads while increasing bandwidth through ISP link bonding and acceleration.

Accelerated Applications

The MSA module is typically used to improve responsiveness for network administrators which are looking to speed up connectivity for their end-users and/or dramatically speed up web-based downloads and large data files. The following are typical applications that are accelerated by MSA:

How Does It Work?

This is a unique and patent pending technology developed by XRoads Networks. This technology enables our customers to effectively bind two diverse ISP links together to significantly improve web-based download speeds and reduce traffic congestion.

Data Segmentation
Unlike other solutions on the market which perform data object modification and packet forwarding, the EdgeXOS platform utilizes an advanced proxy service which is able to examine content on-the-fly and determine whether it is best to perform session-balancing or bonding.

If bonding is selected, the MSA module will attempt to download the remote data file across each of the available ISP links. When fully supported, the download speeds for these files can be much faster. Depending on the speed of your secondary WAN links, customers have realized up to 2100% faster download speeds.

The following is an example of how download speeds can be dramatically improved for a customer after combining their existing ISP service with a secondary link using the EdgeXOS appliance.