UBM Technology

XRoads Networks is the inventor of "session based" SD-WAN technology. Our focus is getting our MSP partners setup so that they may offer SD-WAN solutions to their customers. XRoads Networks created the full service SD-WAN market with its ZeroOutages service division. We are now offering that concept directly to our MSP partners via our UBM and ZOOM portal platforms and technology.

XRoads Networks developed the first SD-WAN full service solutions utilizing our Unified Bandwidth Management™ technologies. UBM provides an excellent platform for ensuring fast and reliable Internet and cloud connectivity and incorporates a number of core bandiwdth management and network optimization capabilities.

Site2Site™ Private WAN (S2S)

Bond multiple tunnels to increase speed and reliability

QoS Prioritization

Policy-based application & end-user shaping

Dynamic Throttling

Equalize bandwidth distribution

Real-Time Network Reporting

Detailed application reporting

Active Network Redundancy

Route failover and network monitoring

Advanced Network Router

VLANs, Bridging, SNAT/PAT, Bypass

XRoads Networks has also partnered with a number of best of breed companies to deliver additional security, reporting, and acceleration features to ensure reliable, secure, and responsive connectivity to cloud (Internet/Intranet) applications like remote CRM, Email, SSL, VoIP and other mission critical systems.

XRoads Networks utilizes a combination of both Open Source as well as custom developed firmware for its XRoads Operating System (XOS). We utilize unmodified versions of the Linux Kernel, OpenVPN, IPRoute and several other open source technologies to which we have been a donor and strong supporter of over the years. We have also built our own proxy technology used to perform our balance and bonding capabilities.

XRoads Networks utilizes a variety of technologies in order to perform its various functionality, but at no time do XRoads Networks products ever retain/store ANY information about the customers data files and/or the data portion of the packets. Further, XRoads Networks products do not take in to consideration bandwidth usage and/or data transfer rates between destinations (and never have). This information is typically inaccurate and is constantly changing, thus attempting to re-route sessions utilizing these metrics can create more problems than it solves.

It is important to note that our methods are unique and unlike other competing solutions at no time does our technology modify SYN packets in a way that changes and/or includes a physical router address. It is equally important to note that at no time does XRoads Networks provide the ability to aggregate or bond two or more tunnels together which use different levels of security and/or encryption. This distinction means that our products provide more consistant latency and jitter across all available Site2Site tunnels.