Best Path Routing (BPR)™

What makes this feature unique is that it uses a number of metrics (including latency, packet loss, jitter, network usage, sessions per link, and tcp transit time) to determine how to best route network traffic between two or more paths via two or more ISP connections. Additionally, Best Path Routing includes ful SLA reporting in order to determine what might be causing slowness across certain paths.

The Edge appliance is able to ensure that remote resources are always accessible via the most responsive path available. This process ensures faster connectivity and greater productivity.

Using this patent-pending method to constantly monitor critically defined remote networks the Edge appliance can make modifications to its own routing table in real-time to redirect traffic out the most favorable WAN link.

By doing this the Edge appliance delivers overall lower latency and responsive times for critical applications like VoIP, Citrix, CRM and ERP.