EdgeXOS Reporting

By sitting at the edge of the network the EdgeXOS platform is in a perfect position to view and report on how the network is being used. The built-in LAN/WAN reporting capabilities provide insightful information for future bandwidth planning and for determining how to create future shaping policies.


The following is a list of EdgeXOS reporting components.

Real-Time Link Usage Reporting

Get a real-time view of traffic and see exactly when applications are using up bandwidth resources. This feature provides up to the second updates as to status and utilization of each interface.

XFlowTM Top Usage Reporting

Through continuous monitoring this reporting capability can quickly show the network administrator what is going on within their network and provide 3D graphical reports displaying top users and top applications. Additionally administrators can view top applications on a per user basis and see what the overview traffic patterns are for future policy changes.

XFlowTM Device Monitoring / Alerting

Monitor devices individually and gather statistics for daily, weekly and monthly usage. Block devices when usage reaches certain predefined limits. Provide individual device reporting to end-users so that they can see how much bandwidth they have used with automated alerts when users reach certain thresholds.

XFlowTM Streaming

This feature enables the EdgeXOS appliance to capture and stream packet data to an external collection server for further analysis and storage. The stream is delivered via the open source sFlow standard.