Custom Syslog / SNMP (API)

XRoads Networks has developed a custom API which allows our customers to make directed queries based on the information stored within the EdgeXOS platforms database. These queries can be 100% dynamic, meaning no pre-defined MIB is required. This is a dramatic advance in customizable reporting systems and is only available in the EdgeXOS platforms.

API Advantages

  • XGM Compatability
  • Fully Dynamic
  • No MIB Required
  • Quick Development Cycle
  • Unsurpassed Flexibility

The dynamic SNMP MIB is just one of the custom programming options built-in to the EdgeXOS platform. Additionally our syslog service is easily customizable for specific OEM and/or multiple site deployments.

  • Customizable SNMP Messages
  • Customizable Syslog Messages

For more information on how our syslog service can be modified for your own requirements, please contact an XRoads Networks sales representative.

Our XRoads Global Manager (XGM) is under re-development and will be tightly integrated utilizing these new API's.