Network QoS & Web Filtering

Many businesses are beginning to utilize highly cost efficient cloud services like SaaS, enhanced email services, VoIP, and other web-based applications. While these service deliver cost savings and improved productivity they can also provide a security issue. The EdgeXOS employs a number of capabilities specifically designed to minimize these security issues and ensure protection against the latest cloud-based threats.


The following is a list of cloud-security components.

Global URL Content Filtering

The EdgeXOS platform has one of the best web filtering solutions available on the market today. Control access to authorized and unauthorized web sites. Over 70+ categories to choose from and the ability to create custom categories.

Spyware & Web Threat Protection

Our industry leading spyware protection combines with a comprehensive suite of anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing features to provide best in class zero-hour heuristic filtering to stop the growing threats from the Internet to your organization. The EdgeXOS platform provides unsurpassed network filtering at very high throughput rates utilizing our multilink acceleration technology. Prevent spyware, viruses, and malware from infecting your network.

Dynamic Bandwidth Management

This unique applied patented feature allows the EdgeXOS platform to combine multiple WAN connections together, thus enabling higher throughput rates for all web-based applications. Unlike other WAN load balancing technology which balances session traffic across multiple connections, this module actually enables to combined speed of all active WAN links, thus two T1 connections operating at 1.5Mbps each would appear to download web traffic at up to 3.0Mbps.

Application Prioritization

This feature enables an administrator to assign preferences for specific applications like VoIP, HTTPS, Citrix, etc. Prioritization can be done through standard connection restrictions or through DiffServ bit marking, rate policing, or any combination of the three.

Policy-Based Shaping

When used in conjunction with our XFlow modules administrators can easily assign bandwidth rate-limits and/or QoS priorities on a per user or per group basis and then report on that usage. This feature can set granular limits on a per user or per application basis down to as little as 10K bits per second.