XFlow™ Real-Time Reporting

When a network becomes congested it is often helpful to be able to see who and what is causing the congestion in real-time. The EdgeXOS provides real-time reporting of the current session count, inbound/outbound network usage, system uptime, memory usage and other critical data points.

The real-time reporting is updated every five seconds or every screen refresh to ensure the latest information is displayed.

These real-time reports extend to our Top Usage reporting where network administrators can view usage statistics for data collected over the past fifteen minutes, and view user or application specific information as well, including information on specific session counts and traffic usage for individual addresses.

Network Statistics

XOS Preview

Network Usage Reporting

View network usage rates for the local-area network (LAN) and the wide-area network (WAN) connections. Create detailed service level agreement (SLA) monitoring between sites or across the Internet.

Gain insight into when bandwidth upgrades are required and when peak usage times occur. Determine whether your service provider is meeting their service level requirements.