(ISP Load Balancing for Servers)

Server load balancing and failover requires the instant modification of DNS records in order to re-direct inbound sessions to the correct network interface. Our ActiveDNS module provides an ISP Load Balancer module with the ability to balance traffic between two or more WAN links and/or internal server resources, thus speeding up access for remote clients, and improving server redundancy in the event of either a network or server failure.

ActiveDNS is a major benefit when comparing the Edge appliance to BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) solutions. In addition to the cost and complexity advantages, ActiveDNS also provides full inbound server load balancing capabilities. This is something BGP can not easily offer, if at all in most cases.

ActiveDNS & ISP Load Balancing can make inbound route changes on-the-fly, and can load balance traffic in both round-robin and dynamically weighted modes.