XFlow™ Device Monitoring / Alerting

The EdgeXOS platform is designed with a number of extra monitoring and alerting features. These additional features are valuable as they are close to the customers network and thus provide better sight into the network without potential security issues.

Device Monitoring

XOS Preview

With the ability to monitor servers (and other internal devices) and alert when a device fails the EdgeXOS platform is unique in providing local system monitoring.

Additionally the EdgeXOS platform is able to monitor each WAN link to determine if SLAs are being met. SLA stats include latency, packet loss, and calculated jitter.


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The syslog module is able to send system, traffic, and session messages to a specified syslog server. In order to capture all new connections, the session filter can be enabled. This will log each new inbound session to provide detailed remote reporting.

System Filters: Firewall logs, WAN Data, Application Usage Logs, SLA Alert Logs, System Alerts / Updates, ALL New Session Traffic.

Email Alerts

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With email alerts an administrator can be notified whenever an alert occurs or just when a critical network issue occurs. Up to 10,000 individual email alerts can be configured, and each can have separate alert levels.

Send emails for network outages, security alerts, security reports, SLA reports, web filtering reports, virtual technician reports, shaping statistic reports, WAN usage reports, and application usage reports.