EdgeXOS Extras

The EdgeXOS platform incorporates a number of tools and technologies which add to the overall capabilities of the appliance which helps to make the EdgeXOS platform a best of breed product.


Session Limiting L7 Firewall

This enterprise class firewall includes a fully functional deep inspection engine which includes advanced inbound/outbound access policies and the ability to control application and end-user access. The firewall also includes a searchable logging feature for easy troubleshooting.

Transparent Installation

The EdgeXOS platform has the ability to be inserted to any existing network in bridge mode. What this means is that the appliance can be added to a network without making any IP address changes or without having to do any network re-design.

Virtual Technician

Includes the ability to automatically probe and analyze the causes of a network outage. This module will create a report in the aftermath of a network outage in order to determine the most likely cause of the outage and thus help in troubleshooting the issue.

Router / VLANs

The EdgeXOS platform also includes full layer-3 routing and VLAN capabilities for even greater flexability in terms of a network installation. No other cloud optimization solution on the market incorporates the versatility of the EdgeXOS platform.

Custom Syslog / SNMP

Incorporated in to the EdgeXOS platform is a complete set of syslog and SNMP features which provide additional logging capabilities. Output enhanced syslogs to an external server, or take advantage of our dynamic SNMP MIB which was custom developed for the EdgeXOS appliance.