XFlow™ Top Usage Reporting

Visibility in to the network is key to understanding how bandwidth resources are being effected by various user/application traffic. Our Layer 7 Classification technology will automatically determine the traffic type and provide various views into how the bandwidth is being utilized.

Top Application Usage

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Application Usage Reporting

Traffic going through the Edge is continuously monitored and application usage statistics are gathered to provide a top application usage report which includes top application usage reports.

Understand which applications are using the most bandwidth and determine the peak usage time for each. Reports on the top twenty applications being used. Also reports on the top twenty users.

Protocol Usage

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Protocol Usage Reporting

View top protocol usage, including TCP, UDP, ICMP, and others. Quickly identify the top protocol usage. This report also includes inbound vs outbound traffic statistics.

Top Users

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Top Bandwidth Usage Report

Identify your networks top users determine whether certain users need to be shaped to ensure better performance for the rest of the network. Identify top host pairs to understand where top users are going and what applications are being utilized.

Quickly determine how bandwidth resources are being used, and lower costs by reducing unauthorized network usage and wasted productivity through shaping policies.

Top Sessions

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Top Bandwidth Usage Report

This report show the top twenty sessions which have traversed the edge of the network. Included with this report is a secondary graph which shows the amount of traffic in Bytes which have been used by each session.

A session is an individual data connection, i.e. an FTP download is a session, the download of a single image for a web page is a session, etc.

IP Host Usage

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IP Host Usage Reporting

View top application usage on a per user basis. This allows the administrator to see which applications are being used once they have identified the top users.

Lists the top twenty applications used by the specified host as well as the amount of traffic per application (not shown).