Application Acceleration

The EdgeXOS platform achieves application acceleration through WAN bonding. This capability is one of the nore unique features of this product. The EdgeXOS appliance can actually accelerate web-based downloads by fully utilizing all of the available throughput from each ISP link. Our unique multi-session web acceleration technology (patent pending), achieves download speeds not available through link balancing alone.

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Multi-Session Web Acceleration

Network Speedometer

Our MSA technology leverages our legacy web proxy and download management capabilities in order to deliver functionality not found in other WAN Aggregation solutions. With our MSA technology we are able to take multiple ISP links and combine them in order to provide enhanced speed improvements.

Download our WAN bonding white paper

Download Acceleration

Improve web-based downloads for large zip, image, and CAD files. Speed up Microsoft and other software updates. Decrease the wait time for huge database images to be copied and/or backed up. With our MSA technology our customers can combine two T1 lines (1.5M each) to produce 3.0Mbps download speeds, or three DSL links (5M each) to produce download speeds over 15Mbps.

MSA Content Control

Best of all, with our content control the network administrator can decide which files are able to fully utilize the bandwidth, example P2P applications... NO, software updates for Microsoft Office and Vista... YES. The EdgeXOS platform provides the network administrator with complete control over their bandwidth.

No other solution on the market provides the granular bandwidth management capabilities of the EdgeXOS platform.