Spyware & Anti-Virus Protection

Threats from the cloud increase on a daily basis. Organizations of all sizes need effective security solutions which provides the functionality they need at a price they can afford. The EdgeXOS WEBaXcel thin-clients provide the perfect solution to ensuring a secure network.

The EdgeXOS improves network security by blocking cloud-based threats. With network connectivity more critical than ever before, and the use of SaaS and other cloud-based services on the rise, it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive cloud security solution that incorporates:

  • Per User Web Filtering
  • Group Users To Specific URL Content Rules
  • Proactive Web Threat Protection
  • Anti-Virus and Malware Protection
  • Powerful Anti-Virus Protection
  • Industry-Leading Anti-Spyware Protection
  • Real-Time Phishing Site Detection

Close the door to viruses, malware, bots, and other cloud-based threats with the EdgeXOS cloud-security appliance. Deploy new SaaS and other cloud services with confidence that your network will be secure and without fear of a potential web-based attack.

Best of Breed Web Threat Protection

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With the EdgeXOS platform you can count on real-time threat protection and zero hour updates to the latest cloud-based security issues. Our enterprise class security feature set ensures that end-users will be protected, and that the network administrator will be proactively notified when new issues arise.

How Does It Work?

The EdgeXOS platform was specifically designed to combat the new Web 2.0 threats, and particularly to provide protection for organizations beginning to utilize the latest in cloud-based services (SaaS, CRM, SSL, VoIP, etc). The following is a list of security features incorporated into the EdgeXOS solution:

Built-In User Based Web Filtering

Keep your organization safe from the risks of open Internet access with our best-of-breed URL filtering engine. Millions of URLs are automatically categorized into 12 main categories and 96 subcategories. This database is continuously updated to ensure accurate and advanced control over company Internet use.

Powerful Anti-Virus Protection

Get guaranteed protection against 100 percent of known virus threats with best-of-breed anti-virus protection. A zero-hour heuristic filter secures against new and unknown virus variants.

Anti-Spyware & Malware Protection

Prevent spyware infections with the industry's leading spyware protection. The spyware sweeper technology used by the EdgeXOS appliance protects more than ten million desktops worldwide. With an automated threat research system that scours the Web and discovers spyware faster and more efficiently than any other spyware research method - with a substantially reduced number of false positives. Sites containing malware are automatically blocked through our URL filtering engine to ensure additional protection for end users.

Up to 85 percent of malware is now distributed via the Web. With more than half of all companies reporting a malware infection within the past 12 months, a proactive Web security solution is a business necessity. The EdgeXOS security solution scans all Web traffic for virus, spyware and phishing attacks in the cloud - a proactive approach that eliminates Web-based threats before they reach your network gateway.

Real-Time Phishing Site Detection

Protect sensitive corporate data and personal information. Advanced heuristics provide complete, real-time protection against even the newest phishing sites without the need for traditional signature or URL list-based detection techniques.

User Authentication w/LDAP Integration

Use LDAP to retrieve data from existing company directories and populate group- and user-level settings. The EdgeXOS security solution will query the LDAP server, retrieve relevant attributes and populate data into group memberships. The configurable LDAP filter allows directory tree queries regardless of the company directory schema.

Data Loss Protection

Block Web 2.0 applications such as social media sites, Web mail applications and instant messaging sites to help prevent data loss, improve bandwidth and reduce costs. Web content can be blocked according to file type and Web application. You can also apply file type restrictions to block the receipt of unwanted or large Web files at the Internet layer.

Customized Access Control

Internet access policies can be applied to individual users or groups and enforced based on site category, time and user location. You can customize "Blocked" and "Coached" access pages to help inform and manage company Internet use policies. For even greater filtering control, create customized URL allow and deny lists.

Proactive Safe Searching Capabilities

The EdgeXOS security solution applies color-coded tags to search engine results to proactively notify users of company Internet use policy. Green, yellow and red labels indicate whether a site can be accessed, is blocked or potentially contains malware. Color-coding of results can be set based on group or individual user policy. Inappropriate thumbnail images are also blocked from search engine results, thereby protecting users from exposure to inappropriate content.

Proxy Bypass Detection

With proxy bypass detection, the EdgeXOS security solution enforces company Internet use policies even when users attempt to access blocked pages through common or custom proxy bypass sites.

Real-Time Visibility

Web traffic log data is updated in real-time to ensure fast and accurate reporting. Summary management dashboard reports are automatically updated to provide up-to-the-minute visibility into company Internet traffic. Log data is compiled across all domains within the system on an hourly basis, then optimized and stored for detailed report generation.

Management reports can be run ad-hoc or scheduled, allowing organizations to accurately monitor Internet use by user or group, with various graphs representing web traffic trends, top blocked URLs, blocked malware, bandwidth use and more.

Support for Citrix and Terminal Services

The EdgeXOS security solution is the only SaaS solution that provides support for Citrix and Terminal Services, further enhancing usability and management. All users are individually authenticated. Unique policies can be applied to separate users on a single Terminal Services or Citrix server, with user activity logged individually.