Virtual Technician

In development for over three years the Virtual Technician engine provides an automated method for troubleshooting network connection issues. The IT administrator is then provided with a reason as to what might have happened. The Virtual Technician is designed to provide assistance toward a more rapid recovery from an outage event.

Automated Troubleshooting

  • Link Outages
  • Internet Routing
  • Excessive Collisions
  • High-Burst Traffic
  • Dead-Peer Determination

The real advantage of having the Virtual Technician is the ability to demonstrate to the WAN provider where the link failure most likely occurred, and thus assist in the restoration of service and obtain any potential reimbursement for failures to meet SLA guarantees.

Upon a failure event, the Virtual Technician will automatically begin a series of WAN link tests to determine where the problem may have occurred. Additionally the Virtual Technician captures where in the process the MOD service was when the outage was determined and records that information as part of its overall report.

The Virtual Technician uses a number of probes to determine the cause and probable source of a network outage and quickly produces a report (email alert) which the administrator can then use to assist in troubleshooting.