The Edge platform is a fully functional Later-3 router. It has the ability to handle static routing, RIPv2, and OSPFv2. The Edge Router also support VLAN tagging for switched networks.

Routing Protocols

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When the Edge platform is acting as the network gateway it is sometimes required to re-route traffic to other devices/routers which act as gateways for other departments, branches, etc. In these cases the administrator can setup static routes to forward data destine for the networks defined in those routes to be forwarded to the provided gateway.

The Edge platform also support dynamic routing using RIPv2 and OSPFv2. Both of these routing protocols can available via our command line interface, which is accessible via SSHv2 and the console port.

VLAN Tagging

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The Edge supports VLAN tagging for each of its interfaces, however it is recommended that only the LAN interface or a DMZ interface be used in conjunction with VLANs.

WAN ports can not be used with VLANs and still be able to test for network outages and thus can only be defined using VLAN tagging when the WAN interfaces are nailed up.