Enhanced Session Policies

As part of any enterprise class isp link aggregation appliance the EdgeXOS incorporates full session persistence capabilities to ensure that once a session is started that it maintains its connection over that same link. In cases where this does not happen an application will stop functioning.

Session persistence is especially important for SSL and cloud-based applications as most of these types of applications are sensitive to link hopping.

In addition to our automatic session controls, the EdgeXOS also includes the ability to optimize link usage by preferring specific links for specific sessions and/or the creation of session policies.

Vector Routing

Vector Routing routes traffic between the LAN and multi-WAN environment. This is accomplished by continuously evaluating the metric information obtain from the WAN links, as well as the multi-level outage detection system.

This same process is used for inbound connectivity (multi-WAN to LAN) as well. There are some significant differences however when inbound sessions are being balanced, particularly when applications like VPN and VoIP are concerned. For these applications, standard proxy services do not work well, if at all, and thus One-to-One NAT is generally recommended.

In these cases, a Vector Map is also required in order to ensure INBOUND session persistence, as seen in the diagram below.

Inbound sessions must be matched to their outgoing interface. Most firewalls and core Internet routers will drop sessions which appear to come from multiple sources.