Wireless Integration

3G/4G Wireless Add-On Module

What Is It? - XRoads Networks 3G/4G wireless add-on works in conjunction with our Vector Routing technology to link land line and fixed wireless services with new 3G/4G data services. This add-on works with any EdgeXOS platform to provide:

3G/4G Wireless Module

  • Provide WAN Link Failover - This is a great backup solution for existing DSL, cable, or T1 connections where 3G/4G service provides a reliable backup connection.
  • Improved Wireless Reception - A problem with 3G/4G connectivity is often getting reception in closets, etc. XRoads has solved this issue with our remote wireless module which can be installed anywhere at a customers location and connected to the EdgeXOS appliance via a simple Ethernet cable.
  • 3G/4G Deployment1 3G/4G Deployment2
  • Reduce Cost - In many instances utilizing a 3G/4G data connection is less expensive than other forms of Internet connectivity.
  • Temporary Sites - At times connectivity is only needed for short periods, such as special events, conventions, or emergencies. In these cases a 3G/4G data connection (or multiple connections) provide an excellent method for obtaining Internet access.
  • Banking Transactions - Many of our customers only need temporary connectivity for handling financial transactions. In these cases a 3G/4G data connection makes sense, it is mobile and inexpensive.

How Does It Work?

With our wireless add-on any EdgeXOS platform can be connected to the cloud from just about anywhere. Service will still need to be obtained from a service provider, along with that service providers cellular modem. Simply plug the card in to the add-on module, and the module in to the EdgeXOS platform and the Internet link will come up automatically.


The performance of the cellular connection varies based on the provider selected and the service area. We support a wide variety of cards. Please contact an XRoads Networks sales representative for more information.