Application Layer Firewall

The EdgeXOS platform incorporates a deep inspection firewall and has enterprise class security capabilities, including global URl filtering and web threat protection. Optionally customers can add-on a per-user web-plugin for enhanced anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-malware and denial of service prevention. The appliance is designed for the next generation in cloud-based network security and XRoads Networks has partnered with best of breed companies to deliver unsurpassed cloud security services.

Beginning with our standard security capabilities, including a rules based firewall that is easy to configure and maintain. The EdgeXOS also includes a text-based configuration file to make editing a large number of rules painless with a simple find/replace command.

Security Policies

XOS Preview

The EdgeXOS platform offers a dynamic deep-inspection firewall that works in conjunction with our packet classifier technology to secure your network connections. Our rules-based firewall provides an enterprise class firewall solution at an affordable cost.

Our rules-based firewall allows for easy, yet flexible, firewall control. This allows network administrators to get started within minutes but devise complex security policies.

XRoads Networks has partnered with some of the best and most well known names in the security industry to deliver powerful functionality on top of a solid cloud security platform. Some of the awards won by our partners include: