Network-to-Network Optimization

When connecting to services out in the cloud, it is very important that your most critical applications receive the highest priority, and that non-critical applications are not allowed to use too much bandwidth. With the EdgeXOS platform a network administrator can define specific bandwidth rules to optimize certain mission critical applications as well as provide increased throughput using various acceleration techniques.


The following is a list of components included as part of the QoS & Traffic Shaping feature set within the EdgeXOS platform.

Site2Site™ Remote Office Balancing & Failover

Our remote office Site2Site tunnels provide unsurpassed site-to-site reliability and the ability to offload traffic between links to provide faster connectivity. If access to remote sites is critical, the EdgeXOS platforms Site2Site tunnels will ensure 24/7 uptime and provide additional bandwidth between the two sites by offloading application traffic across two or more tunnels at the same time.

Site2Site Client Connectivity

Our Site2Site SSL client provides simple and reliable remote access connectivity for teleworkers or home office end-users. This secure VPN client includes 3DES encryption and is easy to install on any Windows-based OS. The client also includes full redundancy capabilities so that if a single WAN port were to fail at the HQ location the client will automatically attempt a connection to the backup link.