SSL Client for Remote Access

The EdgeXOS cloud security appliance comes with a FREE SSL-client for easy connectivity from any remote Microsoft Windows user. The plug-in client is easy to install and provide secure encrypted communications with the main office for both teleworkers and road warriors.

Site2Site Client Installation

XOS Preview

The Site2Site client installs easily and only requires a few configuration parameters, including the IP address of the EdgeXOS appliance to which it is connected along with a username and password for authentication. The client can also be configured to automatically failover to either a backup site or a backup WAN link on the EdgeXOS appliance.

The Site2Site clients are extremely flexible in terms of where they can be used, whether in a hotel, a retail establishment, or a highly secure remote site, the client can typically be easily deployed. Because the client operates using the SSL protocol and not IPSec, it does not have issue with firewalls which NAT the connections, or other networking equipment like proxy servers. Additionally, with the build-in 3DES encryption engine and authentication requirement the clients provide a highly secure method for connecting back to the main office.