Network Load Balancing

Since its inception the development of the EdgeXOS platform has been focused on developing a superior cloud delivery platform, based around its multi-link aggregation capabilities. This core benefit gives the EdgeXOS platform a significant advantage over other security and bandwidth management appliances. Due to this multihoming capability the EdgeXOS platform is able to use one or more WAN links when deciding how traffic should be routed and how bandwidth could be allocated.


The following is a list of the EdgeXOS's multilink aggregation components.

Application Acceleration

This unique applied patented feature allows the EdgeXOS platform to bond multiple WAN connections together, thus enabling higher throughput rates for all web-based applications. Unlike other WAN load balancing technology which balances session traffic across multiple connections, this module actually enables to combined speed of all active WAN links, thus two T1 connections operating at 1.5Mbps each would appear to download web traffic at up to 3.0Mbps.

MultiLink Vector Routing

The EdgeXOS platform supports full application routing control so administrators can choose how and where traffic should be sent. Send all email traffic over WAN2 and all VoIP traffic over WAN1 for example, or force a specific server to use only WAN3, or force all YouTube traffic out WAN4. Layer-7 routing provides these capabilities and more.

Enhanced Session Policies

The EdgeXOS platform supports the ability to track individual network sessions and ensure that each session maintains steady session binding to the correct outbound WAN interface when multiple WAN interfaces are being actively used for link balancing and/or bonding.

Automated ISP Failover / Failback

The EdgeXOS platform supports automated ISP failover and failback regardless of the network environment. The EdgeXOS platform is the most flexible WAN redundancy appliance on the market as it supports Proxy, Bridged, Static, and NAT modes. No other appliance on the market is able to provide this kind of flexibility when it comes to installation, which is why our installations typically take less than 30 minutes.

Data Backup & Recovery

Our data backup solutions ensure priority backup queuing for faster downloads and faster recovery in the event you lose data. Our backup solutions can provide 15 minute failback recovery and include automated offsite encrypted storage at no extra cost. The XRoads Networks data backup software runs on any platform and can backup SQL, Oracle, NAS, and just about any mail server, including MS Exchange.

Best Path Routing

This unique applied patented feature enables network administrators to implement granular traffic control for remote sites on the Internet and ensures session persistence for critical remote sites. Best Path Routing also works in conjunction with our SLA Reporting module to ensure that critical remote traffic always takes the fastest path, particularly during events of high latency and/or packet loss.

ActiveDNS (Inbound WAN Balancing)

This unique and applied patented feature provides for inbound WAN load balancing and failover through the automated manipulation of DNS requests to the EdgeXOS platform. ActiveDNS can operate on both direct and delegation modes which provides more flexibility for network administrators when determining how to handle DNS responses. ActiveDNS also has one of the fastest response mechanisms on the market so that inbound WAN failover can occur within seconds instead of minutes or even hours like some other solutions.