XFlow™ Streaming

The EdgeXOS platform is now sFlow compatible which means that all packets going through the appliance can be copied and sent to an sFlow collection server. This allows for network administrators to perform detailed troubleshooting and/or network reporting as there are many plug-in applications for scanning and reporting on sFlow data collections.

sFlow Compatible

  • Conversation Reporting
  • IP / Session Tracking
  • Finding Unusual Behavior
  • Long-Term Storage
  • Widely Supported

When enabled the EdgeXOS appliance becomes, in addition to its existing functionality, and fully integrated network sniffer/probe device. The following is a brief list of compatible sFlow collection servers:

  • Fluke
  • NTop
  • NetScout
  • SolarWinds
  • Wildpackets

For more information, please contact www.sFlow.org.