VoIP Assurance

While many "QoS appliances" talk about their ability to improve VoIP conversations, most fall short. This is because many of these solutions simply prioritize streams. While this is a good initial measure, other measures must also be employed in order to guarantee improve quality.

VoIP Optimization

XOS Preview

Instantly prioritize VoIP streams and automatically re-allocated network bandwidth in order to ensure the highest level of VoIP quality possible across the networks edge.

When combined with multiple WAN links the Edge platform can then choose which WAN port is the most efficient in delivering VoIP traffic to its gateway.

Offloading VoIP traffic to a specific WAN port can improve VoIP quality as well. With multiple WAN connections the Edge platform can ensure reliability by automatically failing over in the event that the primary VoIP connection fails.

VoIP Prioritization / Bandwidth Guarantees / Reliability, a great combination.