XRoads Networks is the developer and applied patent holder of unified bandwidth management (UBM) technology. UBM is the name for a network optimization appliance that incorporates a variety of network management functions that are based on our core Vector Routing Algorithm.

Diverse Link Routing

With multiple applied patents in the field XRoads Networks has a great deal of expertise in managing traffic across multiple wide-area network connections. This expertise has been leveraged to improve traditional traffic shaping and WAN optimization solutions.

Application Performance Management

The ability to identify new applications and classify them automatically is a key competency of the XRoads Networks engineering team. New methods for classifying traffic are continuously being developed, and hundreds of applications are currently classified, with more being added everyday.

Network Access Control

When XRoads Networks began developing its security features, a decision was made to partner with best of breed security vendors and to stay focused on our core technical knowledge base (multilink connectivity and policy-based application routing). By taking this step XRoads Networks can ensure that our customers receive the latest innovations in both security and bandwidth management.

Secure Site2Site Optimization

This alternative method to simple WAN optimization provides the ability to actually add bandwidth resources and improve reliability beyond traditional data playback and compression techniques. No other solution on the market today offers this level of granular control over site-to-site communications.