XFlow™ Application Prioritization

The Edge appliance includes layer 7 application classification which allows the appliance to peer into the actual content of packets traversing the unit in order to determine how to handle the various traffic types.

Packet Flow Inspection

Instantly Prioritize Applications

  • Secure Web Access
  • E-Mail Access
  • Database Access
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • CRM Access

One of XRoads Networks' core competencies is in the ability to automatically identify and classify various forms of network traffic. Using our advanced signature database, the Edge unit can quickly identify a particular stream of packets and process the traffic based on a pre-defined number of administrative policies.

With the ability to automatically classify network traffic an IT administrator can, with a click of the mouse, instantly enable application prioritization for those network services which are most critical to the organizations needs.

Application Classification Listing

Unlike most switching and routing equipment, the Edge appliance is able to analyze network traffic and determine if it is or is not an application which should be accelerated using bandwidth allocation, prioritization and QoS tagging.

All non-critical applications are assigned lower priority to bandwidth and can also be throttled and/or filtered to ensure enough bandwidth is available for the critical applications.

How Does It Work

The Edge appliance examines each packet as it traverses the network looking at both the IP header and the content of the packet itself. Then, using a signature database of hundreds of applications, it identifies the type of packet being processed and queues the packet based on the administrative rules assigned for that application type.

XFlow™ goes beyond monitoring single packets to classify applications. It monitors entire session flows to identify those flows.