Adaptiband: Traffic Shaper

Dynamic Shaping

Our Adaptiband technology can automatically shape traffic based on utilization and top network users in order to reduce "hogging" of bandwidth resources by a small group and thus ensure that everyone is able to remain productive. Adaptiband will monitor overall network usage and under heavy usage conditions will slow down non-critical traffic in order to provide critical traffic with more bandwidth and better responsiveness.

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Reduce "Slowness" Complaints

One of the largest challenges faced by network administrators today is preventing "slow network" user complaints. Unfortunetly these complaints seem to happen every day. Adaptiband helps to eliminate these complaints by ensuring that users have access to bandwidth when they need it and that mission critical applications have priority.

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Control P2P Traffic

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications have begun to take up more and more of an organizations bandwidth. The problem with existing P2P mitigation techniques is that they generally rely on a signature database which are continuously out of date. Adaptiband does not require a signature database to function, and thus is able to throttle any P2P application all of the time, no matter how the P2P application attempts to defeat detection.

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Why an EdgeXOS Bandwidth Management Solution?

Visibility, Control, and Greater Security are some of the key concerns for organizations which utilize the Internet to conduct their daily operations. The EdgeXOS platform is a fully integrated bandwidth shaping and content management appliance which puts control back in to the hands of the network administrator. Do you know who is using the most bandwidth on your network and manage that bandwidth on a per-user basis? Do you need to control end-user access to websites? Are your mission critical applications becoming less responsive? Do you want more bandwidth but don't want the added cost?

Benefits of an EdgeXOS Bandwidth Manager

A bandwidth manager that delivers traffic shaping and prioritization to improve network performance and control end-user access to value bandwidth resources. Through our Dynamic Bandwidth Management technology the EdgeXOS platform is able to actively adjust QoS policies in real-time in order to increase overall responsiveness.

A bandwidth manager that incorporates a complete web content filtering solution for organizations which wish to limit their liability, increase productivity, and manage bandwidth usage. With real-time URL categorization, reporting, and management, the EdgeXOS platform can mitigate ricks posed by the Internet.

A bandwidth manager that improves network visibility by providing the network administrator with detailed information with regards to who is using the most bandwidth, which applications are used the most, and when bandwidth usage is at its peak. This information can then be used to determine how to best shape the organizations traffic.


Dynamic Bandwidth Management & Prioritization

Our dynamic bandwidth management works by looking at current usage levels and applying policies based on those levels. As more bandwidth is used, the stricter the policies become. The network administrator can also create their own policies based on defined levels. Further policies can be created based on application type, protocol, port, IP address, MAC address, and/or a defined user which has been authenticated. The EdgeXOS is also able to identify and limit access to many P2P and Instant Messaging applications, including Skype. Learn More >


Extensive Network & Application Reporting

Only the EdgeXOS appliance includes this level of built-in network reporting capabilities. With our XFlow™ reporting capabilities network administrators can view who the top networks users are, what applications are used the most, and how much bandwidth is being used on each link in real-time. Our unique SLA reporting capabilities can be used to confirm whether your ISP is meeting its commitments and automatically adjust traffic routing in the event that a critical remote site begins to suffer connectivity problems via one of the WAN links by adjusting traffic to route across the more responsive paths. Learn More >


Policy-Based Shaping

Utilize specific policies to shape bandwidth on a per user, per subnet, or per application basis. Bandwidth groups can be created to specifically limit users to a certain speed, down to as little as 10Kbps. Policies can be created based on user name (if DHCP is being used), IP address, network/subnet, port, protocol, application, source/destination, or any combination thereof. Further once created each policy creates usage statistics which are collected on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis and displayed via a web GUI interface, and can be downloaded to a CSV file for further analysis. Learn More >


Network Acceleration

Most network/bandwidth management products on the market simply don't offer the ability to utilize multiple WAN links at the same time in order to improve throughput and reliability. Only the EdgeXOS platform with Multi-Session Acceleration™ is able to provide both traffic shaping and multi-link acceleration in order to increase downloads speeds. The EdgeXOS platform is able to combine the bandwidth of two or more ISP-links to accelerates connectivity. Learn More >