Link Bonding & Failover Appliance

The LINKaXcel product provides customers with the ability to bond multiple Internet connections using Accelibond™ for faster throughput, built-in automated link redundancy, and enhanced session persistence with Best Path Routing™ technology.

With built-in link bonding and automated network failover the LINKaXcel provides 99.999% uptime availability and automatic failover in the event of an ISP (Internet Service provider) outage for both internal and external users. It's MVP Routing and Best Path Routing ensure intelligent routing of traffic across the fastest possible connection. The LINKaXcel appliance can connect to any broadband connection, including DSL, cable, wireless, T1, metro-Ethernet, VSAT, etc.

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MSA Bandwidth Bonding
XRoads Networks unique BroadBond™ technology w/Multi-Session Acceleration has the ability to combine multiple ISP connections by initiating multiple sessions across various links and servers in order to accelerate web-based downloads and thus double your Internet speed. Combine a 3Mbps link with a 5Mbps links to get 8Mbps downloads.

Network Redundancy
Access to the Internet is critical today for organizations of all shapes and sizes. A network outage can quickly create huge costs in lost business and lost productivity. Other solutions on the market, including BGP routing, are difficult to setup and are not available for lower cost broadband backup solutions. Additionally, BGP also does not include the ability to bond WAN links for accelerated web-downloads.

Efficient Use Of Secondary Links
The LINKaXcel product not only ensures automated failover of network connectivity in the event of an ISP outage, but it also can utilize the backup connection for lower priority traffic, like accelerated web downloads and email connectivity, thus making efficient use of the backup link and speeding up end-user connectivity.

Best Path Routing w/SLA Reporting
The LINKaXcel product also includes adaptive Best Path Routing™ technology which constantly monitors critical remote sites and provides real-time SLA metrics and can update routing tables based on the performance of each WAN link.

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LINKaXcel Diagram

Product Specifications

The following is a listing of specifications for the LINKaXcel product. The LINKaXcel is part of the aXcel product family which is built on a scalable platform. The aXcel platform scales from 20Mbps up to 300Mbps of throughput and from three to five WAN links without having to replace the hardware. Affordable, Scalable, and Reliable

(1)LAN, (3-5)WAN links, Console
6 x 10/100/1000 GigE AutoSense
16.8" x 14.1" x 1.7"
5 to 40C (67 to 104F)

Full Range 250W Internal
Rack Mount
ECC Memory
Yes DDR2 (1GB)
Flash Storage
Yes (1GB)

Product Components

The LINKaXcel products include the following components.