Improve Office-to-Office Connectivity

XRoads Networks Site2Site solutions are designed to increase productivity and redundancy for hybrid WAN (wide-area-network) connectivity by leveraging inexpensive broadband Internet links. The Site2Site hybrid-WAN solution allows customers to offload certain traffic (like web, email, ftp) from existing MPLS or dedicated circuits to lower cost broadband Internet tunnels while keeping VoIP and other high priority traffic routing over those connections. In the event of an MPLS or dedicate circuit failure, Site2Site will automatically re-route all traffic over the broadband Internet tunnels.

Hybrid WAN Security

XRoads Networks Site2Site solutions incorporate AES encryption, which is government and financial institution grade encryption. Additionally, each S2S tunnel incorporates the ability to perform our unique session-based bonding functionality for improved performance across the Internet tunnels.

Contact an XRoads Networks representative today to learn more about how our solutions can dramatically improve the speed, security and reliability for your remote and branch office deployments along with enabling savings of up to 50% off monthly telecommunications costs.