Add Intelligent Routing to Existing Firewalls

Our WANaXcel appliances add innteligent routing and our session-based bonding technology to existing firewall solutions. If you have a single Intenret connection or multiple broadband links, the WANaXcel appliance can see up and provide instant redundancy for cloud-based services like Microsot 365, NetSuite, SalesForce, and others.

Installation of the WANaXcel appliance is easy, just plug the WANaXcel appliance in between your existing local aera network and firewall. The WANaXcel will immeidately examine your traffic and determine the best way to optimize the traffic via our intelligent routing algorithms.

Accelerated Wide-Area-Networking

Would you like to speed up Internet downloads or avoid delays in accessing cloud-services like Google Apps and CRM/ERP systems. The WANaXcel appliance can improve connectivity for any network as a simple firewall add-on product. If you have any existing firewall, with one or multiple Internet connections, the WANaXcel appliance can instantly improve peformance for cloud-services.