WAN Aggregation

When your organization requires additional bandwidth or five nines reliability for Internet connectivity look no further than the EdgeXOS platform. Our WAN link balancing and WAN bonding technology is unique in the industry, as no other solution on the market offers both of these capabilities in a single platform. The fastest and most efficient method for aggregating WAN connections across multiple diverse service providers.

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WAN Link Balancing

Link balancing is the ability to balance sessions across two or more diverse WAN links which leverages the bandwidth resources of each in order to improve overall throughput. Our enhanced link balancing also provides a full suite of policy-based routing capabilities in order to deliver better responsiveness for your critical network applications along with full session persistence.

WAN Bonding

Our link bonding technology is able to simultaneously utilize all of the available bandwidth from each of the connected WAN links. Example: By connecting two T1 links (1.5M each) you would be able to achieve download speeds of up to 3.0Mbps for specific web-based content. Our MSA technology is unique in design and function and provides capabilities not found in any other solution on the market today.