UBM1050 Series

Large Organization Bandwidth Management Solution

TThe EdgeXOS™ UBM series platforms provide a full array of bandwidth and application management functions within a single hardware platform. These platforms are designed to improve an organizations "bandwidth contunity", which is to say that the EdgeXOS™ appliances keep your network up and running in an efficent and accelerated manner, even during periods of high utilization and/or network failure.

The UBM5G series product is specifically designed for the large organizations, school districts, colleges, and government institutions. The recommended user count for this platform is 3000 with a sustained throughput rate up to 5Gbps.

EdgeXOS UBM1050 Back
Prevent Network Slowdowns
Eliminate network 'slowness' issues by reducing abusive use of network by non-critical network applications.

Easy Integration and Management
Each UBM appliance includes built-in transparent mode installation and simple web-based configuration and reporting.

Efficient Use Of Secondary Links
Each UBM appliance not only ensures automated failover of network connectivity in the event of an ISP outage, but it also can utilize the backup connection for lower priority traffic, like accelerated web downloads and email connectivity, thus making efficient use of the backup link and speeding up end-user connectivity.

Best Path Routing w/SLA Reporting
Each UBM appliance includes XRoads' adaptive Best Path Routing™ technology which constantly monitors critical remote sites and provides real-time SLA metrics and can update routing tables based on the performance of each WAN link.

Network Reporting
A critical aspect of any traffic shaping appliance is its ability to provide real-time network reporting, as without reporting how does the network administrator know what policies to create. Each UBM appliance includes both caned and custom user-defined reports which are updated in real-time.

UBM Diagram
Adaptiband Diagram


The EdgeXOS (XRoads Operating System) platform is a modular system which incorporates a number of bandwidth management components. The following is a list of some of the primary features built-in to this EdgeXOS platform, including patented technologies not found in other products on the market today. For more information, please contact an XRoads Networks sales representative.


Accelibond ISP Bonding - Unique bonding technology which combines multiple Internet connections (3Mbps + 5Mbps = 8Mbps) in order to dramatically accelerate web site downloads from one or more remote server resources.


Adaptiband DBM - Dynamic Bandwidth Management includes unique traffic shaping and QoS capabilities which greatly simplifies bandwidth control. DBM automatically minimizes P2P usage and bandwidth hogs, thus preventing "network slowdowns".


Site2Site (VPN Virtualization) - Multiple ISP tunnel bonding (for improved performance) and automated tunnel failover highlight the capabilities of the EdgeXOS appliance when it comes to connecting remote and/or branch offices to central data centers.


ActiveDNS (DNS Server) - Enterprise class DNS services are built-in to the EdgeXOS platform which enable multi-WAN server load balancing and failover. Specialized delegation feature prevents domains from having to be transferred.


Real-Time Network Reporting - The EdgeXOS platform includes real-time network reporting using our XFlow technology. XFlow monitoris network traffic and reports on throughput, application usage, and top users via continuously updated graphs.


Transparent Installation - Easy to setup, no changes to the existing IP addressing or the network configuration is required. The EdgeXOS includes a simple web interface which enables administrators to get up and running quickly.


Application QoS/Throttling - Prioritize application traffic and/or guarantee bandwidth for a certain application, user or group of users. Control bandwidth based on max throughput or max data usage over a period of time. Select from twelve levels of QoS shaping.


Best Path Routing (SLA Monitoring) - This network monitoring and dynamic routing technology ensures that mission critical application traffic always uses the best path by performing SLA and other testing to remote network resources.


ActiveHA (ISP Failover) - In the event of a network outage, the EdgeXOS platform automatically detects and fails over to the remaining active connections. SLA reporting and deep path inspection constantly monitors link status.


Deep Path Inspection (DPI) - Unique to the EdgeXOS platform, DPI performs a multitude of network tests in order to determine the status of each WAN link. This includes physical link detection, as well as Layer 2 and Layer 3 testing to check each hop out to the Internet.


MVP Routing - Intelligent next generation vector routing technology which is designed to automatically adjust network routes as needed to optimize and prioritize application performance and ensure 99.999% uptime.


Enhanced Session Persistence (ESP) - Unique to the EdgeXOS platform is its ability to perform ESP ensuring that critical application traffic, like SSL or VPN traffic, does not get reset due to a change in how traffic is routed (unlike other generic load balancing solutions).


Stateful Inspection Firewall - The EdgeXOS firewall provides customers with the ability to replace or offset their existing firewall capabilities. The rules-based firewall enables the administrator to allow or deny traffic and/or log traffic for simplified troubleshooting.


S2S Remote Access VPN Client - This Windows-based client software enables remote users/teleworkers to establish an SSL-based VPN tunnel back to the EdgeXOS appliance in order to connect to LAN side resources (supports encryption and automated failover).


Server Load Balancing (SLB) - Enhance application delivery to end-users via Exchange, Terminal Server, or web-based load balancing in conjunction with automated secondary ISP failover and redundancy utilizing the EdgeXOS appliances.


MultiWAN Web Content Filtering - Enterprise class web content filtering with built-in real-time filtering database, allow and deny lists, and category based filtering options. The EdgeXOS platform delivers the ultimate web filtering experience with MultiWAN optimization.


WEBaXcel Endpoint Client Protection - When organizations require per-user or group-based web filtering control the WEBaXcel thin-client performs authentication and provides detailed customized reporting options while protecting users from viruses, spyware and malware. [annual licensing fee]


Web Content Caching (w/MultiWAN) - Increase productivity for end-users by implementing the web caching module within the EdgeXOS platform. Web caching speeds up common file downloads and improves overall Internet performance. [optional hardware upgrade]


Comprehensive LAN Router - Built-in to each EdgeXOS appliance is a full set of standard network routing capabilities, including DHCP, VLANs, secondary interface addresses, static routing, RIP/OSPF routing, and XRoads' specific routing algorithms.


Custom XOS XML/SNMP API - The EdgeXOS platform includes an unsurpassed level of customized reporting and management capabilities. XRoads Networks has developed a complete tool kit for customers, or they can use our own XOS Global Manager (XGM).

Product Specifications

The following is a listing of specifications for this UBM product. The UBM platform is designed to incorporate our full feature set and/or can be licensed to include our full feature set without having to purchase additional hardware. Affordable, Scalable, and Reliable

Feature Value
Ports (1)LAN, (6)WAN, (3)DMZ links, Console
Ethernet Up to 6 x 10GigE AutoSense
Multi-Core Router Process Quad-Core
Rack Mount / Size Yes / 1U
Power Full Range Redundant
Certification UL FCC CE RoHS

icon-Speedometer Performance

Feature Value
Physical Interface 10000 Mbps
Sustained Routing Performance1 3000+ Mbps Burst up to 5Gbps
Filtered Sessions 100,000
Maximum Connections 500,000 Sessions


How can this appliance ensure "bandwidth continuity" for my organization?
The EdgeXOS platform is designed to reduce and/or eliminate network performance issues by implementing multiple paths to ensure uptime and acceleration for critical applications, while at the same time monitoring network usage in order to reduce usae by non-critical applications, especially during periods of high utilization. When combined, these methods provide a faster, more reliable network connection which translates to more efficent end-users and higher productivity.

Does this appliance include Automated ISP failover?
Yes, this appliance includes deep-path inspection to determine when a link has failed a updates routing on the fly.

Can this appliance help to resolve network slowness issues?
Yes, using our unique Adaptiband dynamic throttling, along with our QoS and policy-based shaping capabilities.


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