Patented BGP Route Optimization

Fully Utilize your Multihomed ISP Connections

Accelerate download speeds by over 200% and reduce your monthly bandwidth costs (up to 40%) by leveraging the available bandwidth in each of your existing BGP circuits.

Next Generation BGP Acceleration

Get the most out of your BGP deployments via our patented BGPproxy technology

XRoads Networks is the leader in WAN aggregation solutions for enterprise networks and is the only vendor with BGP enabled session bonding capabilities.

border gateway protocol Route Optimization

The EdgeXOS platform combines bandwidth bonding with dynamic network routing to deliver faster network connectivity for multihomed BGP installations. These combined features provide unsurpassed network management and control over BGP routing and delivers the industries fastest return on investment for organizations using two or more Internet links with border gateway protocol routing.

more-bandwidth BGP Bonding

XRoads' enterprise BGPproxy platforms connect to each of your existing ISP connections and leverage the existing BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) protocol to optimize route decisions and actually bond the bandwidth of each available Internet link in order to fully utilize the bandwidth of each connection.

BGP bonding

Employ our ActiveDNS technology to balance inbond connectivity for servers. ActiveDNS provides load balancing capabilities not possible via standard BGP deployments.

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#1 in Enterprise Solutions

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BGP Bonding (BGP Acceleration) - Patented bonding technology which combines multiple Internet connections (3Mbps + 5Mbps = 8Mbps) in order to dramatically accelerate web site downloads from one or more remote server resources.


BGP Routing - Intelligent next generation vector routing technology which is designed to automatically adjust BGP routes as need to optimize and prioritize application performance and ensure 99.999% uptime.


Best Path Routing (BGP Optimization) - This network monitoring and dynamic routing technology ensures that mission critical application trac always uses the best path by performing SLA and other testing to remote network resources.


ActiveDNS (DNS Server) - Enterprise class DNS services are built-in to the EdgeXOS platform which enable multi-WAN server load balancing and failover. Specialized delegation feature prevents domains from having to be transferred.


Comprehensive Router - Built-in to each EdgeXOS appliance is a full set of standard network routing capabilities, including DHCP, VLANs, secondary interface addresses, static routing, RIP/OSPF routing, and XRoads specicrouting algorithms.


ActiveHA (ISP Failover) - In the event of a network outage, the EdgeXOS platform automatically detects and fails over to the remaining active connections. SLA reporting and deep path inspection constantly monitors link status.


Real-Time Traffic Reporting - The EdgeXOS platform includes real-time network reporting using our XFlow technology. XFlow monitors network traffic and reports on throughput, application usage, and top users via continuously updated graphs.


Transparent Installation - Easy to setup, no changes to the existing IP addressing or the network configuration is required. The EdgeXOS includes a simple web interface which enables administrators to get up and running quickly.


Enhanced Session Persistence (ESP) - Unique to the EdgeXOS platform is its ability to perform ESP ensuring that critical application trac, like SSL or VPN trac, does not get reset due to a change in how trac is routed (unlike other generic load balancing solutions).